About Us

Welcome To SSD The Arthik Org.

The Purpose of Organization Union

Residential Support

The association will provide housing support to all those helpless people who do not have a house.

Educational Assistance

The Sangh will provide educational assistance to all those boys and girls whose families cannot showcase their child’s talent due to lack of money. Financial assistance for tuition, further education, and village-to-village literacy campaign is also the main objective of the Sangh.

Help for the Mute and Handicapped

The Sangh will work to provide essential resources to the deaf and disabled and will also continue to provide financial support from time to time.

Help for Widows

Our widowed mothers and sisters, who are looked down upon in society, will be provided support and opportunity for employment by forming a group that aims towards offering support and help to widowed women. Our association also helps them financially by training them through widow empowerment programs.

Wedding Support

SC, ST, OBC, Minority Due to our society being poor and labor society, are unable to get their daughters and sisters married at the right age. This makes them prone to suicide and love affairs. Such a situation should not arise in the society. Keeping the right time in mind, those parents will be provided financial support for their daughter's marriage.


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